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Bernie the Bike Builder PREORDER

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UPDATE: Pre-order sale is now closed. Look for the book's world wide release June 1!

Pre-ordered books should be shipping late May.

My grandfather's name was Bernard and my grandma called him Bernie. He was an amazing carpenter who built everything as best he could. As a kid I lived in my imagination making things up but not very interested in learning how to actually make them. The older I get the more I value the skills to make cool things and I wish I'd started learning them earlier. None of that really has anything to do with the book except that the Bernie in this story is a master bike builder.

Bernie decides it is time to build some bikes for his friends Shark, Bat, Monty and more. It takes all his creativity plus all his skill to make it happen.

This is a PREORDER for a limited edition, signed hardcover version of the book. Books should ship around June 1 but please be patient as this is the first time I've ever printed a book. I'll update this as the schedule becomes more clear. This will also be available in a less expensive softcover version around the same time on Amazon.

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*NON-USA ADDRESS UPDATE 5/2/19: I finally got a sample of the book and priced it for shipping. Cheapest rate is over $24 per book in shipping just to Canada which I can just about see from my house. Even more to other countries. Shipping for non-USA addresses is now $25 which I know is terrible! The book will be available on Amazon sites worldwide June 1 for presumably a lot cheaper.

Image of Bernie the Bike Builder PREORDER Image of Bernie the Bike Builder PREORDER